Thursday, 3 October 2013

Brand Loyalty shattered...

For many years I have been loyal to Nike sneakers! I guess other than a pair of Puma boxing boots in the 80's, I have only ever worn Nikes to show my Pseudo-interest in being considered part of a healthy active life. Mostly I wore them because in NY they had cool street credibility in the 90's and I jumped on that band wagon. I also really like the swoosh, just saying! I'm a sucker for great branding.

But, last week I discovered that Nike don't really make shoes for great arch support. (A shift away from aesthetic to practical need emerging me thinks, yuk!) Whilst my ageing body has been undergoing testing of many new "support" style garments, I've finally had to surrender my monogamous sneaker relationship in place of structural strength and cushioning. So I have switched...I now have a pair smashing hot pink and lilac of Adidas under my bed...

So today at the gym, I wore them with trepidation, how would I feel, would people notice, would I be able run and jump and bounce and, and ....

Well sadly, they don't perform miracles, I was still my klutzy, unco-ordinated self, tripping over feet, doing pathetic little knee bends while the others were doing deep lunges and squats. But here I am in the dating phase of my new brand...I hope we get to the honey moon phase, leggings and training tanks next... :-)


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