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Packaging Identity: How dress and clothing represents identity in contemporary culture.


Principal Researcher:
Deborah Fisher                       Doctoral Candidate          Queensland University of Technology(QUT)
Associate Researcher:
Dr Tiziana Ferrero-Regis        Supervisor                         QUT


This project is being undertaken as part of research towards a Professional Doctorate for Deborah Fisher.
As a fashion designer, I have always been curious about the reasons people choose various clothing items over another. I know sometimes it can simply be that they feel better in one style or colour than another. The purpose of this project is to explore the relationship between dress and clothing and how we use them to represent our identity and its use in showing what is unique about each of us, our personal brand. Using the internet, a community of participants will be developed to discuss their views on this topic. Information will be gathered and reviewed under various criteria by coding your responses to simple questions to find common ideas and points of view. In some cases, you may like to send in photographs of the clothing, which would help create a visual record.


Your participation in this project is entirely voluntary. If you do agree to participate, you can withdraw from the project without comment or penalty. If you withdraw, on request any identifiable information already obtained from you will be destroyed. Your decision to participate, or not participate, will in no way impact upon your current or future relationship with QUT (for example your grades).
Your participation will involve an online discussion via e-mail. The initial participation will take approximately 10-15 minutes of your time. The questions raised are topic starters, and are designed to prompt a broader response. Hopefully we can continue discussions as the topics develop. These may continue once a week or so for up to a month, but there will be no set time, just leave your answers online when you get the chance. You won’t have to answer all the questions, just anything that you have an experience with or a point of view which you’d like to share. As a group, the research participants will be prompted to discuss specific issues, unlike on the blog, “myfrockrocks”. You are welcome to continue your participation on the blog however.

Expected benefits

A benefit for participants is the opportunity of sharing their story or their experience in a forum of like minded participants, and having a chance to express freely their views on their own representation of identity. The research might potentially benefit the fashion design industry, because it will highlight key design principles such as colour, silhouette, line, etc. The findings also offer a unique snapshot of contemporary culture, captured in oral and visual terms.


There are minimal risks associated with your participation in this project. These include emotional distress due to a memory or association with a specific experience which you might choose to discuss in the course of the research.
QUT provides for limited free counselling for research participants of QUT projects who are based in Brisbane, Australia, if they experience discomfort or distress as a result of their participation in the research.  Should you wish to access this service please contact the Clinic Receptionist of the QUT Psychology Clinic on 3138 0999.  Please indicate to the receptionist that you are a research participant.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All comments and responses will be treated confidentially.  Your name is not required in any of the responses.
However, you have the option to be identified or not. You also have the option to be identified or not identified in any photographic submissions you may contribute.
If you choose not to be identified openly, even by coded user name, the submissions would not be made public, but could be included in data analysis.
Please mark Yes/No as it applies to your name being used in the findings of this research.

Yes     No      I agree to be identified in written and visual form such as photographs you might submit.
                                Participants Name _________________________________________________ (please add)
Yes     No      I agree to be identified in written form only
Yes     No      I agree to be identified in photographs
Yes     No      I do not wish to be identified.
                                Please adopt a username ____________________________________________ (your choice)

Consent to Participate

If you agree to participate, please delete “No” and return this document via e-mail to dl.fisher@qut.edu.au
Yes     No      I agree to participate in this research
Yes     No      I am over 18
                                Date _____________________________

At any point you would like to withdraw from this research, simply resubmit this form and delete “No”
Yes     No      I wish to withdraw from participation in this research
                                Date _____________________________

Participant Profile

It would be very helpful to the research if you could provide some information about yourself that would be used to develop a consumer profile. You may choose to not provide these answers. You may tick the boxes or delete the incorrect information.
Age                                                  18 – 30                                30 – 39                                40 – 49                                                50 – 59                                                         60+
Annual Income                              below A$20,000                A$20,000 – A$40,000      A$40,000 – A$80,000
                                                         A$80,000 – A$120,000   above A$120,000
Marital Status                                Single                                   In a relationship
Do you live in Australia?              Yes                                       No                                         Other_________________________

Questions / further information about the project

If have any questions or require any further information please contact one of the research team members below.
Deborah Fisher – Researcher
Dr Tiziana Ferrero-Regis – Supervisor
Doctoral Candidate
School of Design- Fashion
Creative Industries Faculty
Senior Lecturer, Fashion Theory and History
Postgraduate Subject Area Coordinator
Creative Industries Faculty
0408 988 252       dl.fisher@qut.edu.au
3138 0194            tiziana.ferreroregis@qut.edu.au

Concerns / complaints regarding the conduct of the project

QUT is committed to research integrity and the ethical conduct of research projects.  However, if you do have any concerns or complaints about the ethical conduct of the project you may contact the QUT Research Ethics Unit on 3138 5123 or email ethicscontact@qut.edu.au. The QUT Research Ethics Unit is not connected with the research project and can facilitate a resolution to your concern in an impartial manner.
Thank you for helping with this research project.
Please keep a copy of this sheet for your information.

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